My name is J.J. Among other things, I am now the Vancouver head of Citizens for a Canadian Republic, a Canadian movement which champions the novel idea that Canada should be a republic with an elected Canadian serving as our country’s head of state, rather than a monarchy with the British Queen as head of state, as we are at present.

I have a lot to say about the topic of republicanism in Canada, yet I’ve lacked a good forum in which to do it. I don’t want to clog my other site with it, because I know the issue can get tiresome for the disinterested. Taking inspiration from my good pal Lewis, who leads the republican movement in his country of New Zealand, I thus decided to create this, a new blog in which I can comment on contemporary issues involving crown and country as they relate to Canada.


4 responses to “Greetings

  1. Just a quick suggestion. As someone who posts regularly to another blog (albeit to Kotaku, a gaming blog, so obviously not nearly as serious), I think having some type of user system would work quite well under this format. With that being done, other people wouldn’t be able post with someone else’s info just to be a jerk and it would also make the moderating process easier, as it would only have to be done for the first couple of posts from a new user as a means of making sure that people get in the habit of post intelligent comments.

    Admittedly, I might as well be Amish when it comes to technology, so I have no clue how to do so!

  2. Altho I am not A canadian I support all who wish that your country became a republic. It shall be a hard fight with England as we Americans learned but if you stay the course you shall prevail.


  3. Um, I rather seriously doubt that the United Kingdom would send the troops in to crush the rebellion if Canada decided to become a republic, Matt.

  4. I don’t think I made this comment before, but my recollections of the republic referendum in Australia are that merely saying what’s wrong with the monarchy is not enough to bring change. You must also have a clearly defined model that you want to move to. Otherwise people will be able to use vague arguments, fear of the unknown and point out the worst features of any republic, even if they don’t apply to the model you’re thinking of. The biggest questions were how to distribute the reserve powers of the GG and whether the president should be directly elected, and neither was conclusively resolved. You might want to tie in some extra constitutional changes like a directly elected senate and other cleanups, to emphasise the “moving forward” aspect of the change.

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